Why India over other destination?

India offers highly specialized doctors, best-in-class equipments and treatments along with very good patient care. Few such treatments are available only in India and other developed countries

Will I be able to speak to the doctor before my visit to india?

Yes, there will be an initial consultation arranged with the doctor over video call. We will ensure all your questions are answered by the doctor. Incase you need second opinion with another doctor we can arrange that too. Only once

What about my visa, travel and stay arrangements?

When you sign up with Asvins, we will help you organize all the necessary requirements for the travel and stay. A local transport facility will also be provided to commute to the hospital from the place you stay

How are costs of treatment comparable to my country?

The cost of surgery in India is one-tenth the cost of US or Europe or even lesser. For example, an open heart surgery in US that costs $2,00,000 can cost $20,000 in India. Similarly, we find difference in cancer treatment, eye treatment, thyroid or vericose veins treatment etc. A face lift that would cost $20,000 in US can cost around $1500 in India