Benefits of visiting India for medical tourism

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Benefits of visiting India for medical tourism

Medical tourism has put India on the world map for it offers world class medical facilities at relatively affordable costs. Every year thousands of people come to India for heart surgeries, cancer treatment, knee replacement surgery, Orthopedic surgeries, nephrology, Ayurveda treatments and many more.

Amongst the best medical tourism destinations, India has the second largest number of accredited facilities (after Thailand). The Indian Medical Tourism market is expected to grow from its current size of USD 3 billion to USD 7-8 billion by 2020.”

The government’s efforts to ease visa policies has further eased the entry into India, the tourist footfall is even more. The primary reason why India is a popular destination for medical purposes is the low costs. While an open-heart surgery in US costs $2,00,000, it can cost $20,000 in India. Similarly, we find difference in cancer treatment, eye treatment, thyroid or vericose veins treatment etc. A face lift that would cost $20,000 in US can cost around $1500 in India. So, even a person residing in the US or Europe will find it cheaper to come down to India, sundry expenses notwithstanding than have himself treated in the hospital few blocks down the lane. Additionally, these operations are done by highly qualified doctors who are well versed in the English language and who are a part of super specialty medical hospitals in India with national accreditations.

Another speciality about India is Ayurveda treatments. Miraculous Ayurveda has solutions for nearly all health problems. Foreigners find a deep fascination for Ayurveda treatments for it has neither is it temporary not does it have any side effects.

Orthopedic surgeons in India are highly trained and have skillfully displayed their medical skill set to make many operations successful. With technological improvements in all fields, medical treatments in India has also progressed by leaps and bounds. Cost-effective treatment, medical expertise and easy availability of quality doctors makes India stand out.

Indian doctors are competent and contemporary and are endeavoring to pioneer newer ways of diagnosing various ailments.

Apart from being an excellent stopover for medical treatment, India offers alternative health rejuvenation techniques like yoga, meditation, vipassana etc., which provide a holistic approach to healthy lifestyle. India with its numerous success stories being created in medical treatments, is poised to become synonymous with world-class health treatment.